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Colin Amrein Contracting Ltd
Experts in Earth Moving and Excavation
Based in Tauranga

Locally owned and experienced

Proudly owned and operated in Tauranga, at Colin Amrein Contracting Ltd we have been serving the local building and construction industry for 20 plus years, offering affordable Excavator Hireand efficient earthmoving services.

Colin has been building strong relationships with local customers and cemented his reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of equipment and labour.


Get the right machine for the right job

Earth moving and excavation requires attention to detail and a great deal of skill to be completed correctly. At Colin Amrein Contracting Ltd knows the importance of matching the right machinery to the right job. Truck hire

We also understand that having the ability to put in place good methodology for any type of works means your job will be completed to budget, plan and your satisfaction every time. We provide the finest earthmoving services in Tauranga. You can hire an earthmover in Tauranga with complete confidence.


Professional and Safety Focussed

Safety is our top priority. Our excavator drivers asses potential safety risks before undertaking a project. We adhere to strict health and safety procedures ensuring all jobs are completed correctly, without damage to your property or building site.

Regular maintenance is carried out on all of our excavating and earthmoving equipment for optimal performance and security.


Quality and Satisfaction - Guaranteed


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